Good Non Veg Hindi Jokes

Some Santa-Banta & Majedar Chutkule

Wife To Husband: Agr Dunya Sirf 30 Minutes Me Khatam Ho Rahi Ho Tou Tum KIa Karna Chahoge….. ??

Husband: Offcourse “SEX”….!!!Wife: Aur Baqi 29 Minutes….. ….


Santa comes bleeding.

Banta: What happened?

Santa: Jaggu hit me with hammer.

Banta: Didn’t u hv anything in ur hands?

Santa: I had. Banta: What? Santa: His wife’s boobs!


Lecturer in a medical college class: Man’s semen contains glucose.

One of the female students had doubt and she asks: Then why it doesn’t taste sweet


Thought for the happy life: Patni agar pati ko naukar samjhe to pati ko kya karna chahiye?

Zyada kuchh nahi… do char ghar aur pakad Lene chahiye!


A Newly Married Couple Seeking Divorce…Judge asks Lady “Why do you want divorce?”

Lady: Despite Knowin That I’m Vegetarian, He Forces Ne To Put Meat In My Mouth!!”


What do woman usually say after Sex?

I Luv U?


That was great?

Wrong again!

I Luv it?

Aray Nahi Yaar….

Sahi Jawab Hai: Suno Meri BRA PANTY Kaha Rakhi Hai………


What is the height of poverty?……….

When a girl is ready to get fucked for only 2 rupees….

and you have only 1 rupee!!!!

Beta: Mummy Tum Roz Papa Pe Eharh ke Jump Kyu Marti Ho?

Mummy: PAPA Ke Pait Ki Hawa Nikalne K Liye

Beta: Kia Faida Baraber Wali Aunty Muun Se Phir Hawa Bhar Deti Hai…..


Sardar: Gand Main Dard Hay

DR: Main Hath Dalta Hon Batana Kaha Hain

Sardar: Andar Aur Andar, Aor Andar , Han Yahain

Dr : BK Tera To Gala Kharab Hai


If you want Suck the nipple of girl ,she always say why yours mother and sister r not living in ur home .u say yes but there is not child


Life Without fun , Sky Without Sun , Ten without One , warrior Without Gun , Batsman without run, Is all Like a Man without LuN


Advantages of breast milk?

  1. A) No need to boil.
  2. B) Cat can’t steal it.
  3. C) Available in attractive containers.
  4. D) Popular in all age groups.
  5. E) Ek Pee Ek Free


Gabar se ronay ki wajah poochi…..usne kaha MAA ne danta hai…. MAA se poocha tau kehti hai…. MUJH SE POOCTA HAI KITNAY AADMI THAY..


A 50 years old man during fucking an old woman of 90, starts suckung her breasts,after 10 min the man got died, police came and make postmartum report,in report it was written that the milk was xpired…..


A bio teacher was telling her students that for the best penetrations 6-7″ PENIS IS best.

ONE OF THE GIRL ASKD HER tht wht abt 9″ .

Tsaid i m telling abt NECESSITY not .


Man marries a deaf gal. he mimes, lets make a code! if i want sex i’ll squeeze ur breast, in responce u can pull my penis once for YES and 50 times for NO.


ladki boli 200 loongi, HIL HIL k maza du gi…

ladka bola 100 doonga HIL mein khud lu ga..

ladki boli to phir ye 100 bhi bacha le aur hath se HILA le

Source : Hindi Jokes


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